Why Love Surrounds



Why the name “Love Surrounds” and how did we come to exist?


To answer the first question, our name and logo represent the very heart of what we hope to provide to women and families aching from the unseen wounds of losing a baby. It is our belief that when we are faced with the hard things in life, we heal most completely when we are surrounded by the love of our friends, family and community.

When we decided to create Love Surrounds, we envisioned a community of support and encouragement available to every woman and family going through the heart wrenching, and often lonely process of pregnancy loss. I distinctly remember picturing this hurting woman sitting and crying in the middle of a small group of other women who surrounded her. They just held her and loved her. That was the moment when I first saw our name. Shortly after, with Jeff’s help we created our logo, which so beautifully illustrates that vision.

Love Surrounds came to exist in December 2017, shortly after the loss of our sixth child. We had experienced our six losses in four different states. After each miscarriage, we would leave the hospital or doctor’s office with no resources, no phone number, no information about coping after we were home. We didn’t know how to ask for help from our family and friends, and for the most part they were uncomfortable and unsure of how to console us. We would withdraw from our community and silently struggle with our individual and shared grief, while continuing on with the daily demands of life. We would talk about how great it would be if our doctor or nurse could have directed us to a place or group or something, to connect us with others. I would scourer the internet reading the stories of others to help relieve some of the loneliness. It helped at first, but I would eventually desire more then online support. I wanted a real person who understood. I wanted someone to sit and cry with me while I processed the mental and emotional pain I was going through.

What’s truly sad is that miscarriage is such a common occurrence, happening to every 1 in 4 women at some point during their child bearing years. This often goes unnoticed, because as a society we don’t know how to talk about it, and all too often we just don’t.

It is our hope that Love Surrounds can become a place where women and men can find love, support, and a community that understands what it’s like to go through pregnancy loss. We envision an emerging culture where every woman who leaves her doctor’s office, local clinic, or hospital walks away with information about the pregnancy loss support services available to her.