10600407_10154521361855113_3447846758777872223_nSarah Gail is the CO-Founder and Executive Director of Love Surrounds. She and her husband Jeff created Love Surrounds in December 2017 after experiencing their sixth miscarriage. With so many loses over many years and in four different states, Sarah unfortunately knows all too well how devastating losing a child can be. She is also uniquely aware of how much our medical world and culture need to change in order to better meet the psycho-emotional needs of women experiencing miscarriage and pregnancy loss.

Sarah strongly believes that she and Jeff have been gifted with the humbling honor and responsibility to create Love Surrounds so that other women and their families suffering from pregnancy loss have a community of support to rely on. Sarah understands the negative impact pregnancy loss can have on a woman and her loved ones when there is not access to healthy support systems. She and Jeff hope to create a community of support and encouragement for bereaved families so that no individual affected by pregnancy loss has to suffer alone.

In addition to helping families directly, Sarah hopes to see Love Surrounds become an organization that has a major role in creating radical change in the after-care patients receive from medical providers related to their mental and emotional needs. She and Jeff hope to see this important gap in care be filled by partnering with their local and regional medical community by offering the services and support Love Surrounds has to offer.

Sarah holds a Bachelor of Science in Sociology from Central Washington University. Before having children, she worked for various non-profit organizations in the Domestic Violence field as a Children’s Advocate, Volunteer Coordinator, and Community Outreach Director. After becoming a mom, Sarah left the non-profit world to stay home full-time with her boys. Soon after the birth of their second son, she and Jeff began working together in ministry, first at Alaska Bible College, and now at The Yak, a faith-based drop-in youth center in Palmer Alaska.

When not juggling the many demands of life, Sarah enjoys learning and growing in her faith while adventuring with her family and their two dogs. She is most at home in the wilderness camping, hiking, canoeing, and serving as resident fishing assistant/camp cook to her ever-growing boy tribe.