Honoring Your Child

Honoring the memory of your child is a very personal choice for parents who have lost a baby to miscarriage or stillbirth. When you are ready to do this or if you choose to do so at all, will vary from person to person. There are a number of different ways parents choose to memorialize their unborn child. Below is a list of possible ideas.

  • Plant a tree or flower bush: Many couples select a tree or special flower bush from a local nursery to plant in their yard or other special or significant location.
  • Get a tattooThis can be a permanent way to honor and symbolize your love for a lost child.
  • Have a professional photo session of the ceremony: Some families find healing in having a permanent reminder in the form of a special photograph documenting a tree planting or other memorial ceremony.
  • Have a shadow picture done by a professional photographer: Visit the link to see an example of this unique way of forever memorializing a lost child by having shadows of your unborn child or children pictured alongside your earthly family.
  • Have a special piece of jewelry designed to honor your lost child.
  • Teddy Bears: Molly Bears is an amazing organization that creates custom teddy bears in the weight of a stillborn baby. Many parents find comfort in holding their babies. Bears can be purchased for $20.00. However, the cost of each bear is much higher and their website accepts donations to help keep the cost low and accessible for all families.


There are so many different creative and beautiful ways families choose to honor their unborn child or a child lost at birth. If you have ideas to suggest, please email us at: lovesurroundsinfo@gmail.com or message us on Facebook so we can add it to our list.