Board of Directors

Jeff Gail is the CO-Founder and President of the Love Surrounds board. Jeff and Sarah have three beautiful boys here on earth and 6 babies waiting for them in heaven. He and his wife created Love Surrounds in December 2017 after experiencing six miscarriages in four different states. Jeff is originally from Wasilla Alaska, he left after high school to attend college in the lower 48 where he met and married his wife Sarah. Jeff and his family moved back to Alaska in 2009 where Jeff serves as the Director of The Yak, a drop in Youth Center in Palmer. Jeff holds a Bachelor of Arts in Recreation Management from Metropolitan State University of Denver. He loves being outdoors with his family, camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, and canoeing. Jeff is so excited to be able to walk alongside his wife Sarah, as they see their dream of helping others struggling with pregnancy loss receive the help and support that is so important. Jeff also hopes to see Love Surrounds be an organization that will help blaze the trail in changing how the medical community responds to the psycho-emotional needs of patients experiencing pregnancy loss.

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Brandy Watts serves as Vice-President of the Board. She is a stay at home mom to six lovely children. She holds a B.S. in Political Science from Francis Marion University and a M.A. in Christian Ministry and Worship from Liberty University. Brandy and her family live in Palmer Alaska. She loves sewing when she can find the time, and loves being with her family camping and making music together. Brandy and her husband have experienced many devastating losses, and she is all too familiar with the feelings of loneliness, depression, and isolation that often accompany a miscarriage. She has chosen to be a part of the Love Surrounds board because of the love, encouragement, and hope Love Surrounds brings to those who are walking through the devastating experience of losing a baby.

Jill Horsmann serves as Secretary of the board. She works in a variety of capacities with InterAct Ministries and is the Director of LEAD Alaska, a residential leadership and discipleship ministry. Jill holds a Bachelor of Science in Education and a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership. She was raised in northern Illinois, but has also lived in Wisconsin and British Columbia, Canada. She and her husband are now settled in Palmer Alaska. Jill loves being active outdoors, doing things like; hiking, cross-country skiing, fishing, camping, biking, and running. When she must be indoors she enjoys reading, knitting, and playing the violin and piano. She chose to serve as a member of the Love Surrounds board because she and her husband have personally grieved alongside the Gail family through their multiple losses. She has also witnessed such loss in her own family. Jill enjoys using her education and experience to help others. She wants to add value and encouragement to Love Surrounds by assisting with the creation and development of this organization.


Teresa McClellan serves as Treasurer of the board. She is a homemaker, home school mom, and small business owner. She holds an Associates of Arts in Business from Woodland Community College. She was born in California, and moved to Alaska in 2007. She loves living in Alaska with her wonderful husband of 22 years and their two beautiful daughters. Teresa loves has a heart for helping others. In her free time she loves volunteering her time and watching movies with her family. Teresa has personally had two previous miscarriages and can relate to the pain, confusion, frustration, and sense of loss that goes along with pregnancy loss. She chose to join the board of Love Surrounds because she wants to help others know they are not alone as they go through pregnancy loss.

Sarah Edwards-Director.

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Tess Doak-Director. Tess is a veteran homeschooling mom of three children. With three grown children out of the home, she has turned her time and passion into her work as a Wellness Advocate with International. Tess was born in Bellevue Washington and spent time in both Alaska and Washington as a child. She eventually returned to Alaska where she met and married her husband John. The two traveled the world with the Army, until coming back to Alaska, where they have been for fifteen years. She enjoys connecting her passion for essential oils with helping people and spending time hiking, camping, and being outdoors with her family. Tess has chosen to be a part of the Love Surrounds board because she loves the heart of this organization and is excited to see and be a part of the healing Love Surrounds has to offer Alaska and across America.


John Doak-Director. John is the Extended Ministries and Service Ministry Pastor at Wasilla Bible Church. He spent 22 years in the U.S. Army as a Chaplain Assistant after completing a B.A. in Religion from Grand Rapids Baptist College. He was born in Wisconsin, went to school in Michigan, joined the Army and traveled the States and World for 22 years. He is now settled in Alaska (his first duty station, where he met and married his wife). His passion is God’s Word. He loves to read it and discover how intricately it meshes from Genesis to Revelation. John loves how the story of God’s love is displayed on the macro level via his covenant with Israel and how it is displayed on the micro level via his covenant with me. On the hobby side of life: he loves to read about science. The epigenetic tags on the DNA remind him of how the Creator God works within the details of our life. And he has an interest in WWII and enjoys finding artifacts of that conflict. John decided to join the Love Surrounds board because his parents had nine kids. Five girls first, then four boys. As a family, they have experienced loss through miscarriage. As a pastor, John has seen first-hand the need for the support that Love Surrounds has to offer.